Surfside PPC – Google Adwords & Display: Tutorials Review


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Marketing Ability: All types – from marketing student to CMO level

Types of Marketing: All types – Digital, Brand, Social, Content, Data, Strategy etc.




Econsultancy is one of the most popular blogs and course providers on the net and for marketers an indispensable guide to all things marketing. Having been around since 2001 Econsultancy was one of the first marketing blogs to rise from the depths of blogs appearing in the early 00’s, overtime proving itself to be reliable, up to date and easy for every marketer to understand.

Starting off as a blog, overtime it developed its course and elearning offering to become one of the web’s leading providers of quality courses. See our courses post for a full review of this. When it comes to their blog, it still provides up to five or six new articles every day, and their content always provides something for everybody. They don’t just focus on news stories the general marketer will know, instead they reach out to GDPR, Branding, Social, AI, Fintech and much much more.

If you want to keep up to date on the latest trends, the buzzwords, and to hear from the latest marketing professionals, then it’s all on there. They even invite guest posts, so a great tip to boost your own marketing CV is to submit an article to them and feature yourself as an author.


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